Grass & Gravel Tent Sites

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Light touring package for self contained units

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Circleville RV Park and Kountry Store staff invites you to have a comfortable stay with us this year. We have camping packages to meet everyone’s budget and needs. The season is scheduled for May thru October, and possibly November.

  • Grass tent sites and gravel sites for self contained units.
  • WiFi service access
  • Restroom access included
  • Shower access included
  • Water station access included – no hookup
  • Dump station available for a $10 fee per dump
  • Fire pit access
  • Picnic table access
** Rates subject to change and site availability. All rates are based on two (2) people per RV/tent site per day and 1 vehicle per site or combination of tow vehicle and trailer per site. $4.00 per day for additional persons, up to four in one tent. Extra vehicles subject to additional charges based on availability at $4.00 per day. We reserve the right to optimize campground site usage.

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$20** daily / no weekly


Call to make a reservation and check availability: 435-577-2437